About Us


How does it work ? 

  1. Input the details of your shipment on our Home Page and press ‘Get Shipping Rate”.
  2. A Freightship representative will personally respond (via email) with our official shipping rate within minutes.
  3. When you receive the email you can choose to either book the shipment on the spot or ask your Freightship representative any other additional questions you might have.

Who we are

Freightship is a technology based logistics company which is simplifying the movement and flow of goods and people from one point to another. The purpose of our technologies is to make the entire shipping process , from quoting to booking to tracking and delivering your shipment as easy as possible for shippers and clients all around the world , regardless of the volume of their shipments or geographical location.

Freightship is bringing the entire logistics industry up to date as far as new technologies go. We offer state of the art software and  technology to our clients to ensure the safety and efficiency of each and every shipment .

Freightship is based in Miami,FL and we serve clients in the United States as well as in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Originally, we served simply as a bridge for freight that was moving in between North America and Latin America, providing our clients with top notch domestic trucking services as well as ocean and air freight internationally to all of the major ports and airports in Latin America.

Though the years Freightship rapidly began to expand , always with a deep focus on the importance of technology and the benefits our clients can reap through our leverage of these technologies.

This strategy has taken us to the point we are at today. Still based in Miami,FL and still serving as one of the main connectors of freight moving  between the Western Hemisphere but also offering logistical excellence in a much wider range of services to a much broader clientele.

We provide the full range of 3PL and transportation services, from domestic trucking within the United States, to maritime and air cargo service to any destination in the world. Whether you are moving a couple of pallets of paper or 10 containers of frozen seafood, Freightship is your single point of contact for all of your logistical needs.

Regardless of how much technology , programming, software, etc.. goes on in the backend of our company , to our clients, our services and website is the simplest way in the world to quote and book a shipment.

Through a harmonious combination of cutting edge technology and traditional logistics methods Freightship is steadily and consistently breaking down every form of logistical resistance present in our world today.

Contact Freightship now , we want to be your logistics and transportation provider.