Air Freight Logistics: Global and Domestic Air Solutions and Transportation

If you have a perishable item or refrigerated freight or anything else that is should be transported by air then is your source for the transportation and logistics of your air freight.

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We offer both domestic and global air solutions to a wide range of customers across the world as well as within the United States. No matter what your freight, whether it is specialized cargo such as , cars, oil well supplies, dry ice, etc. We can safely and efficiently transport your goods by air in a timely manner to almost any airport around the world. And we are also more than happy to take it from the airport to your door as well ,if requested.

Since we at Freightship offer such a wide range of logistics services including trucking, ocean transportation and air. This gives us a very large network of Carriers and transportation providers which at the end of the day makes for a very successful and smooth transit for all of your freight needs. In other words, our global connections allows us to move your Freight quicker and at a more economic price than any other air cargo logistics provider on the planet.

Our headquarters in Miami,Fl has allowed us to gain vast experience as far as air shipping to various countries in Latin America. We constantly ship to various government organizations all across Latin America and the Caribbean as well as to companies and individual shippers across the globe.

All the carriers we work with are properly screened and checked before they are allowed to work with us. So you, as the shipper don’t have to worry about making sure your carrier has licenses, permits, etc. If you are shipping through Freightship you can rest assured that whoever is transporting your Freight is completely legit and certified.

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