Best Drayage Loads: The Highest Quality Container Runs

When you sign up as a container carrier with Freightship you gain access to the best drayage loads in the nation. We provide our motor carriers with high quality container runs and great pay on a year round basis.

Best Drayage Loads: The Highest Quality Container Runs

There is no longer need for you to sign up with all these different load board when all you have to do is sign up once with Freightship and you will have all the drayage work you can handle.

Our strategic headquarters in Miami,FL has allowed us to grow into the largest web based container transportation services provider in the world. This means we have an unlimited amount of load opportunities on a daily basis. This allows us to provide you (the carrier) with outstanding rates for your services.

As soon as you finish a run with us and drop off your container you will be getting paid almost immediately. We say it takes 48 hours but we usually take right around one day to pay you for your services.

Whether you work on a local basis, intrastate or interstate, we have loads for you. We run loads all across the nation from port to port or to different destinations into and out of Canada and Mexico.

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  1. We have 6 trucks working out of LB/LA ports. We have tri-axle chassis, step-deck, flatbed trailers to best fit your needs. We do Hazmat loads, and oversize loads. We run 11 western states. Feel free to call me 562)618-9383

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