Best Freight Broker in Miami

Freightship is considered by many in the industry as the best freight broker in Miami. We help with the movement of a high volume of freight loads each and every day. If you need freight broker services in Miami contact Freightship right now. We guarantee an unforgettable service.

What is a freight broker ?

A freight broker can be considered an agent or intermediary between people, organizations and companies who need to ship freight and the transportation providers who have the equipment, capacity and availability to transport that freight.

Best Freight Broker in Miami

In other words, on one side the broker helps clients like Walmart, Coca Cola, Amazon, Costco, International Paper, etc.. to ship their products in a fast , safe and efficient manner.

At the other end the brokers helps trucking companies find loads for their trucks. We help them to run and manage their equipment in the most efficient manner possible. Basically, what every transportation provider is looking for is for their trucks to always be working and receiving the highest quality loads in the U.S.

For our broker services Freightship charges a 10% of the total amount of each load. If one load from Miami to Arizona is paying $5,000 our commission for that load is $500.

Why is the broker necessary ? Can’t the transportation provider go straight to the shipper ?

The freight broker is absolutely essential to the trucking industry in the United States.

To give you an example let’s take a company like Walmart. Walmart can ship literally thousands of loads each and every week.

When Walmart has a new product coming out to the market and they need to move 1,000 or 2,000 loads in a week they can’t nor do they have interest in going straight to the transportation provider. Why ? Because 90% of trucking companies in the United States are companies with less than 5 trucks.

In other words, if Walmart wants to move 1,000 loads in a week and they go straight to the transportation providers they will most likely need to contract at least 150 different companies. This solution is simply not practical for Walmart, neither is it convenient mainly because of the amount of paperwork, documents, contracts that are necessary to contract 150 different companies.

In addition, with 150 companies Walmart has no way to guarantee the quality of the service. Of those 150 companies maybe 20 are well organized and can provide a quality service to the client. Unfortunately, the majority of the trucking companies are not well organized (mainly because of a lack of good dispatchers) and they simply can’t provide a high quality service to the client

So let’s go back to the same situation. What is the best thing Walmart can do in that case where they need to move 1,000 loads in a week. The most logical thing to do would be to assign those 1,000 loads to 1 or 2 brokers and let the brokers worry about dealing with all of the different transportation providers. Then Walmart only needs to deal with one or two companies (brokers) and the broker will also serve as a filter of sorts. In the sense that even though the transportation provider is not very well organized , the organization, experience and efficiency of the broker should compensate for that . So at the end of the chain, Walmart (or the final client, whoever it is) never really feels that lack of quality in the service.

On the other hand, for the transportation provider, sometimes (also because of a lack of human resources) it is difficult to deal with such large companies who have so much bureaucracy. In this case the broker uses his experience to make sure both sides are satisfied.

At the end of the day a good freight broker is essential for your business, regardless of whether you are a shipper of freight or a transportation company. If you need broker services in Miami and you want to work with the best freight broker in Miami get in contact with us today. Leave us a comment below or send us an email letting us know that you are interested in obtaining our freight broker services. A Freightship representative will respond to your email immediately.

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