Best Load Dispatcher for Trucks in Miami

Freightship is considered as the best load dispatcher for trucks in Miami. If you want access to the best loads in the United States and a dispatcher service that allows you to stay informed as to the movement of each and every one of your trucks get in contact with Freightship right now, we want to be your load dispatcher in Miami.

Best Load Dispatcher for Trucks in Miami

Why is Freightship the best load dispatcher for trucks in Miami?

Freightship is considered the best load dispatcher for trucks in Miami for various reasons. First of all because we provide our carriers and trucking companies with the highest quality loads in the industry. It does not matter what region of the country your truck is in or what type of equipment you have, whether that be a Dry Van, Reefer or Flatbed. Freightship always makes full use of it’s human as well as technical resources to make sure that your truck is receiving the best load possible at that moment.

We, as truck brokers and load dispatchers for trucks make commission based off of how much money your trucks make. In other words, we always want your truck to make as much as it can possibly make. More earnings for you as truck owner means more earnings for us as load dispatchers.

This system of work allows us to focus always on maximizing revenues for your truck. Our goal as dispatchers is for each truck to gross at least $5,000 per week. In other words, if a truck stays out for a full month the idea is for it to gross around $20,000. From those $20,000, you as truck owner would have to discount costs such as fuel, driver salary, etc. etc. to get your net earnings

Another reason why Freightship is considered as one of the best load dispatchers for trucks in Miami is because of the high level of planning and coordination that we offer.

With Freightship it is very rare for your truck to suffer a “layover”. A layover is when for one reason or another the truck was not able to load freight and it has to stay stopped one or two days waiting for the next load. Needless to say , layover days are not good for anybody.

In 90% of cases layovers happen because of a lack of planning on behalf of the dispatchers. There are some cases where the client runs out of cargo but that is actually pretty rare, the majority of the time if the dispatcher does his job well and coordinates pickup times, delivery times, etc.. the way that he needs to the truck will not need to go through a layover , ever.

Freightship has trucks that have gone out for months without one single day of layover

Lastly, Freightship offers weekly reports for each one of your trucks. The reports are sent every single Friday in the morning and they are already included in our original 10% commission.

The report includes statistics about how much the truck grossed for that week, how much you need to pay the driver based on the miles that the truck ran, it also includes fuel costs for that week, loaded and empty miles, etc. etc.

These weekly reports that Freightship offers are indispensable for a truck owner. The report allows you to stay informed as to the movement and progress of each and every one of your trucks, how much they are making, how many miles they are running, how much diesel they are spending, etc. etc.

In summary , it is a combination of various factors that allows Freightship to be recognized as the best load dispatcher for trucks in Miami. These factors include but are not limited to : the quality of the loads that we provide, the planning and coordination skills that we offer and also the weekly reports that we send out every single week to our truck owners.

If you are looking for a load dispatcher for trucks and you want to work with the best company in Miami get in contact with Freightship right now. You can leave us a comment below or also you can send us an email explaining that you are interested in hiring Freightship as your load dispatcher, we will respond quickly with all of the necessary info that we need to get started.

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