Best LTL Loads: Gain Access to The Best Paying LTL Runs in the Nation

When you join Freightship’s Carrier network you gain access to the best LTL loads in the Industry. Freightship provides LTL carriers with the quickest pay times in the industry along with the best rates in the nation. We also provide you with consistent LTL work on a year round basis.

LTL Truckload

 Fastest LTL Pay Time in the Nation

We understand how frustrating it can be when a broker or shipper keeps stringing you along after you have completed a load. They may come up with all kinds of different excuses to either get an extension on paying you or even worse, not paying you at all.

At Freightship we pride ourselves on our fast pay times because we understand that this is a key part of keeping carriers happy. You can rest assured that once you have finished your LTL run you will be paid within 48 hours from the moment you dropped your load off, no excuses.

 Consistent LTL Work, Year round

By signing up as a Freightship carrier you will enjoy access to year round work. We can pretty much provide you with as much work as you can handle. We have helped many LTL carriers grow from one or two trucks to a fleet of 10 or more.

We have Less than truckload runs all across the nation as well as into Canada and Mexico. Our range of work covers the Southeast, Midwest, West Coast and Northeast with consistent runs day after day.

  Best LTL Rates in the Industry

If you are an LTL carrier or just a box truck owner operator you might understand how hard it can be for some carriers to find good paying LTL runs. You see, many brokers in the industry tend to underestimate the importance of LTL’s thus making them pay very low rates to their carriers.

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