Best LTL Trucking Company and Freight Broker

Are you looking for the best LTL trucking company and freight broker in the United States ? Do you need a reliable and consistent LTL provider to help you move your less than truckload shipments to and from any point in the United States ? If so, get in contact with Freightship right now !

Our team at Freightship wants to be your LTL provider , we can provide you with LTL trucking services to and from anywhere in the continental United States as well as from the United States to Canada and Mexico.

Best LTL Trucking Company and Freight Broker

LTL , or “Less than truckload” shipping is the transportation of relatively small cargo. Relative , in comparison to a full truckload. In other words , if you need to use a truck to ship any type of cargo ( dry freight, refrigerated, hazardous, etc.) but you do not need an entire 53 foot semi trailer then your best option is to book your shipment as an LTL.

For our clients LTL shipping means that they are only paying for the space which they use. So all you need to do is tell us the origin/destination of your shipments, the type of packaging you are using, the dimensions of the packaging , the weight, and the specific product /commodity that you will be shipping . With this information we will calculate how much space you are going to take up in our truck and the distance of the load and we will provide you with a rate quote immediately.

When we send you our rate quote for your LTL shipment we will also let you know exactly how long it will take to deliver your shipment from the moment we pick it up . The majority of the time our LTL shipments have an estimated 2 to 3 day transit time. But of course you can always choose to pay more and book the shipment as “express” to reduce the transit time of the shipment to “same day” or “next day”.

How do i know if my shipment qualifies as LTL ?

Usually, if a shipment is in between 150 and 20,000 pounds and is less than 14 pallets of cargo then it will qualify as LTL. Although sometimes, (depending on the commodity) you can fit more or less weight and cargo into an LTL.

To make sure that your shipment qualifies as an LTL please get in contact with your Freightship representative right now and feel free to ask him or her any question you can possibly have about our LTL services .

How long does Freightship need before they can send a truck out to pick up my freight ?

We only need around 3 hours in advance and we can book a truck ( or various trucks) for you in any single city in the United States. In other words, if it is 12PM and you need  a truck at your location before the end of the day you can call or email your Freightship representative and they will confirm a booking for you immediately .

How do i book an LTL shipment right now ?

If you want to book an LTL shipment right now all you need to do is send us an email or leave us a comment below with the details of your shipment. We will respond immediately with our official price as well as the estimated transit time for the shipment.

If your looking for the best LTL trucking company and freight broker in the United States get in contact with Freightship right now. We provide you with high quality LTL services to and from any destination in the continental U.S. we also go into Canada and Mexico.

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