Best Truck Brokers for Your Produce Shipping Needs

If you are shipping produce this season, in either high or low quantities, your best bet is to go with a produce truck broker for your transportation needs. With a truck broker you receive greater peace of mind, more efficient service and less overall stress during produce season.

 Truck Brokers Provide Shippers with More Peace of Mind

By going directly with the carriers as opposed to using a freight broker you can be putting yourself at great risks. Many shippers do not fully understand the complete length of examinations that carriers should be going through before they are contracted to transport your goods.

As brokers this is part of what what we do all day. When you contact us to move your freight you can rest assured knowing that whichever carrier is transporting your produce is completely licensed, insured and meets each and every other requirement that is necessary.

 Maximize Efficiency

Freight carriers are famous for flaking , also known as making false promises. Not because of any fault of their own but this is just the nature of the business A lot of unexpected things could happen such as tire blowouts , mechanical problems, etc. It is really difficult to ensure the time sensitive transportation of your fresh produce if you as the shipper only have a handful of carriers that you work with.

As transportation brokers we have a vast network of carriers ready at all times and we make sure to have a plan B and C and D ready for you, just in case.

freightship best truck brokers for produce shipping needs

 Reduce Stress Levels and Focus on Your Strengths by using a Truck Broker

If your core business is selling strawberries or watermelons or oranges or any other kind of produce for that matter then you are better off using a freight broker for your produce shipping needs and concentrating your efforts and your energies into your core competency.

I can’t tell you how many times shippers come to us midway through produce season telling us that they just can’t take it anymore, the logistics and transportation of their produce is taking up the majority of their time.

You must understand that transportation and logistics is an industry within itself , its not just something you can do part time when produce season comes around.

When you contract a truck broker for your shipping solutions we are the ones who take on all the headaches and all the work (at least the transportation portion of it). Allowing you to focus on expanding your core business as much as possible

Whatever kind of produce your shipping this season, contact Freightship for all your transportation needs. As the largest online truck brokers we make sure to provide you with efficiency , great carriers and more importantly peace of mind for all of your produce shipping needs.

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