Boat Trader: Boat Trader Transportation Services

So you bought a boat on Boat Trader, now what? Depending on your location or where exactly you want to keep your boat , the most difficult part can be transporting that boat from where its currently at to where you want it to be.

Not to worry though, we are here to help. We help Boat Trader users transport hundreds of boats on a daily basis. We understand how stressful it can be for you to arrange transportation for your boat, especially if you have no prior experience with boat transportation

That’s why we make the process extremely simple and easy. Many clients tell us it was way easier to transport it with us than actually buying it. And we take pride in this, that’s the way it should be.

 The Absolute Best in Boat Transportation Worldwide

Apart from Boat Trader we also work with various other similar websites as well as boat manufacturers and personal clients.

Our strategic location in Miami,FL has allowed us to amass vast experience in the boat transportation field. We have moved every kind of boat you can imagine to all sorts of different destinations.

We offer an extremely professional service and our main focus is making sure that you, (the boat owner) are completely stress free and at peace while your boat is being transported.

Boat Trader: Boat Trader Transportation Services

 We Keep You Updated Throughout the Entire Time

When you ship your boat with us you never have to worry about when its going to get to destination, where it is, etc.. When you confirm your order we tell you the exact date your boat will be getting delivered and we make sure to keep you updated throughout the entire time as to the whereabouts of your boat, possible traffic slowdowns, etc.

 The Lowest Boat Transportation Rates in the Market

We understand it took some shopping for you to find the right boat at the right price. The last thing you want is to end up spending the big money when it’s time to transport it.

Our high volume of work allows us to provide you with the absolute best boat shipping rates that you are going to find.

Not only are our rates lower than the competition but we guarantee our service. We are completely certified and insured and we keep a tight network of high quality and professional boat carriers who have excellent driving records and Safety Scores ( Safety Scores are the official rating given to Carriers by the Department of Transportation).

  Shipping Your Boat Has Never Been Easier

The next time you purchase a boat on Boat Trader you can go to our site immediately afterwards to get a rate and book the shipment of your boat. The entire process is extremely quick, simple and easy.

We help hundreds of clients everyday transport the boats they bought on Boat Trader and we can help you too.

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