Boat Transportation Loads” Best Boat Hauling and Yacht Runs in the Nation

If you are interested in gaining access to good paying boat transportation loads then join Freightship’s carrier network today. Freightship provides its carriers with the highest rates in the nation for boat transportation along with a steady supply of work throughout the year.

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Highest Pay Rates in the Industry

As an online site and platform we are not so much interested in making money off of each individual load as we are in pleasing and satisfying our clients and making sure that their boat gets safely to destination.

This allows us to provide our carriers and boat haulers with rates that are way above the norm for boat transportation. When you run loads with Freightship you can rest assured that you will be receiving some of the highest rates possible for your work.

 We Pay You Quick

When you haul and deliver a boat for us you know that you will be getting paid within 48 hours from the moment you drop the boat off. We don’t make any excuses as we pride ourselves on the quickness with which we pay our carriers.

This allows us to have a steady network of consistent carriers who are always ready to work knowing that they will be getting paid promptly and properly for their runs.

 A Steady Stream of Work

As the world’s largest online logistics broker we offer our boat haulers thousands of opportunities each day for transporting boats across the nation as well as into Canada and Mexico.

Our strategic position in Miami,FL has allowed us to grow into the largest boat transportation service providers in the world. This in turn gives our carriers a virtually unlimited amount of work not only in Florida but all across the continent.

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