Calculate Shipping: Get an Instant Rate for your Shipment

Do you want to calculate shipping costs for a shipment? Many websites tell you that they can provide you with a shipping rate but in reality it’s anything but instant. They make you fill out long and confusing forms and at the end won’t even give you an accurate shipping rate.

Our website allows you to calculate shipping costs for any type of shipment (Personal or Commercial). We pride ourselves on having the easiest shipping form on the planet. The entire process takes a couple of seconds. This post will talk about how the process works and how easy it is to calculate shipping costs through our site, after all that is what it was created for.

Calculate Shipping: Get an Instant Rate for your Shipment

 Go to Our Home Page

Our home page has a very simple and concise design, it is built so that you (the user) can easily navigate through it. Anyways, once your on the home page just input your shipments info onto the form and click “Get Shipping Rate”.

Thanks to our software and cutting edge technology we don’t need much info from you. Just the basics, such as Pickup Zip Code, Delivery Zip Code, What You Are Shipping, etc. With this small amount of info our technology can then calculate what type of shipment you are making and what the cost will be based on the current prices in the industry.

 You are Receiving the Lowest Rates in the Transportation Industry

When you calculate shipping costs through our website you are gaining access to the best rates possible. We have a massive network of Truck Carriers, Airlines, Ship Lines, Railroads, etc.. This allows us to compare prices within a matter of seconds. Thanks to these technologies we can get you the best shipping rate each and every time.

 Shipping Freight Has Really Never Been Easier

Thanks to our masterful combination of old and new. We have been able to provide businesses and personal shippers with an extremely easy and efficient way to ship freight. Long gone are the days where you had to call Fedex or UPS or USPS and get put on hold, then they make you open an account with them etc. etc. just to get a quote.

Now you don’t even have to leave your home or office or anywhere else, you can simply get on your tablet or phone or computer and get a rate for your shipment, and then if you decide you want to make the shipment you can also confirm it right there online.

Whether you are a “personal shipper” who only needs to make a one time shipment. Or you are a corporation with a very high volume of shipments your best bet is to use our site. We provide you with the easiest way to calculate shipping costs and confirm your shipment all from the comfort of your computer. Click below to get an immediate shipping rate.

                       Click for Get an Instant Rate for your Shipment

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