Car Carrier Loads: Best Paying Loads for Automobile Carriers

Freightship provides its partners with the best car carrier loads in the industry. We provide the best rates for car loads along with consistent work and fast pay.

Car Carrier Loads

If you are a car carrier looking for quality work that pays well then Freightship is your answer. As the largest online truck broker in the world we give our carriers access to a virtually unlimited amount of car load opportunities each and every day.

Freightship is not your “traditional freight broker” we are considered more of a neutral medium or online platform. We are pretty much a website where shippers can go to post their loads and carriers can go to find freight opportunities.

This allows us to provide carriers with some of the highest car load rates in the entire industry.

 Fastest Pay Time in Trucking

A big part of our business is keeping carriers happy. This includes paying them quickly for their work. As a car carrier, once you drop a load off and send in the paperwork you can rest assured that you will be getting paid within 2 days. The paperwork can be sent in free of charge via our partnerships with Trip-pack and Transflo.

  Consistent Automobile Loads Year-round

Freightship carriers access a virtually unlimited amount of load opportunities on a daily basis. No matter what region of the country you are in we can provide you with as much work as you can handle.

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