Dispatching Services for Truckers

If you are looking for dispatching services for truckers in the United States then get in contact with Freightship right now. We offer you the highest quality dispatching services for truckers in America and we only charge a 10% commission from the gross amount of each load.

Contract Freightship as my Dispatch Service 

Dispatching Services for Truckers

What do I need to get signed up ?

To get signed up for our dispatching services we need the following documents :

  • Copy of Operating Authority (MC/DOT)
  • Copy of W9
  • Copy of Signed Dispatch Agreement between Freightship and your company
  • Voided Company Check
  • Copy of Certificate of Insurance (Cargo coverage for $100,000 and Liability coverage for $1,000,000)

What exactly does Freightship do ?

Freightship is the modern version of a “ third party logistics company “ for the trucking industry. We operate as a middleman or intermediary matching shippers and brokers who need to move freight with the trucking companies that have the availability and capacity to move that freight.

What differentiates us from traditional freight brokers like CH Robinson, TQL, Coyote Logistics , XPO Logistics, etc. etc. is that we operate on a completely different business model.

The biggest difference is that in addition to simply booking the load for our carriers we also provide the carriers with the backend support that they need to efficiently deliver their freight. In other words, if a carrier has broken down on the highway and needs someone to call a road service or something of that nature then we provide that service for them (included in the 10%). If the carrier needs us to provide a full load planning strategy for them then we also provide that service.

Another big difference is that we operate on a very transparent 10% model. In other words, we charge the carriers a flat 10% rate regardless of how much the shipper is paying for the freight. In the case of the traditional freight brokers they usually take in between 30% and 40% of the freight load and in 99% of the cases neither the shipper nor the carrier really knows how much the broker is charging, this has caused a lot of problems in the industry and has made prices rise in an unnecessary manner.

When you contract Freightship dispatching services for truckers you can be rest assured knowing that you will always receive the full amount of payment for the freight load minus our 10%. We do not hide our commission and we make sure that all of our carriers know and understand our business model before doing business.

So when i work with Freightship i know exactly how much a shipper is paying for the freight ?

Yes, Freightship lets you know exactly how much the shippers are paying for the freight loads. When we pay you out we simply subtract our 10% dispatcher/broker fee and the rest of the money goes straight to the carrier.

Remember that not all of the loads that Freightship will provide for you will come straight from the shipper . In many cases we book loads on your behalf with other freight brokers. No matter who we are booking the load with though , whether it be with another broker or directly with a shipper you will always know exactly how much the freight is paying and you will always know our fees up front before you even begin to haul the loads. 10% is our fee and we don’t change it even if the load is paying $5 or $6 per mile.

How do i get started and contract Freightship dispatching services for truckers ?

To contract our dispatching services simply click the link below and send us an email letting us know that you are interested in getting started. A Freightship representative will respond personally via email with our carrier sign up form so that you can fill it out and send it to us. The entire set up process usually takes less than 48 hours if you have your authority , insurance, w9, etc.

Contact Freightship right now for the highest quality dispatching services for truckers in the United States.

Contract Freightship as my Dispatch Service 

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