Flatbed Shipping and Trucking Services: National and International

Do you need to ship a flatbed load? We know how important it is for shippers to find flatbed capacity for their freight, especially during peak seasons. That is why we at freightshipit.com pride ourselves on being the highest quality flatbed shipping providers in the market. We are your online source and one stop shop for all flatbed shipping solutions.

Flatbed Shipping and Trucking Services: National and International

 We only Contract the absolute Best Flatbed Carriers in the Nation to work for us.

The carriers we work with on Flatbed loads are experienced and have many years providing flatbed transportation services for a wide range of shippers. We at Freightship do a great job of anticipating and solving all the intangibles that can arise in this Flatbed game.

We make sure the carriers are sent in for the load prepared and ready for anything. When shipping with us you have access to all kinds of trailers including, step deck, RGN’s, Double Drop, Traditional Flatbed, etc. We also make sure the carriers are equipped with all the required components for a successful flatbed shipment , including , tarps, straps,chains, etc.

We run a thorough screening on all our carriers before sending them to transport your freight. That way, you don’t have to worry about checking licenses and permits, etc. All you have to do is tell us what you want to ship,and when and we take care of the rest.

 Our Service, Safety and Low Rates are Guaranteed.

With all the flatbed carriers in the market it can sometimes be hard for shippers to truly find the best price while ensuring the safety of the shipment through a reliable carrier, not to mention any time limits that might be imposed by the client receiving the shipment.

This is why Freightship was created, to act as an agent for the shipper and protect the shippers interest at all costs. This applies when shipping a flatbed load or shipping any other type of freight.

Once you request a quote we scan an immense network of flatbed carriers to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service at the most competitive price possible.

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