Flatbed Trucking

As the world leader in Flatbed trucking services, Freightship can offer you unparalleled flatbed service for any volume of shipments to any destination.

Flatbed Trucking

Our Flatbed’s haul a large range of commodities including but not limited to :

 Fabricated Steel





 Construction Equipment

 Oil and Gas Industry Components

 etc. etc.

We work with a wide range of customers including everyone from Mom and Pop Shippers to Global Organizations.

Our Flatbed motto is: “Any Origin to Any Destination, No Matter the Size” .

Overweight? Oversized? or Over-length? Freightship can handle it.

We tailor our service to satisfy your demands, this means that we offer all kinds of different trailer types depending on the shipment. Trailer types include:


 Step Deck/Drop Deck

 Stretch Trailer

 Double Drop

 Side Kit Flatbed

 etc. etc.

Flatbed trucking is something that should be left to professionals. Let the best in the industry provide you with quality service, efficiency and safety each and every time.

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