Florida Trucking: Quality Trucking Companies in the Sunshine State

It can sometimes be hard to find good trucking companies within the state of Florida. A lot of times many companies don’t want to take loads going into Florida because they know just how hard it can be to get out with a decent paying load.

Florida Trucking: Quality Trucking Companies in the Sunshine State

When you contact Freightship we make sure to give you the highest quality service in the entire state of Florida. Our strategic headquarters in Miami has allowed us to build a huge range of carriers and trucking companies within the state.

Whether you need capacity for dry van, reefer, flatbed, intermodal, ltl, etc, etc. We can provide you with the best service coming in and out of any city in Florida.
Freight Truck

When you go with another company that is not based within the State you can pretty much be sure your going to pay double because thats what they have to pay their trucks to get them to go into the state.

With Freightship we are guaranteeing the best rates at all times and we are making sure whichever carrier is going to be handling your load is completely licensed, insured, etc, etc.

We provide port service to and from all ports in Florida and we make sure your container gets from origin to destination as quickly as possible.

The next time you have a shipment that is going to Florida or coming out of Florida then your best option is to go on our site, freightshipit.com and request a quote. We will have an official answer for you right away from one of our team members who will personally respond by email.

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