Freight Brokers and Truck Brokers in Miami,FL

If you are looking for a freight broker in Miami,FL to move your freight across the United States then contact Freightship today. As one of the largest freight brokerages in the world we provide clients with an extremely efficient service at a very economic price. Moving your truckload and LTL freight has never been easier.

 So what exactly is a freight broker?

A freight broker is simply an intermediary or middleman between a company that has goods to transport and a carrier who has capacity,availability and all of the necessary requirements to move that freight.

In other words, the freight broker makes it easy, simple and more economical for a company to move their freight via truck within the United States. Volume does not matter, a freight broker can offer benefit to any company that needs goods transported within the United States whether that company only has a couple of shipments a year or whether they are a fortune 500 company with a very high volume of shipments on a daily basis.

In the case of Freightship geographical location does not matter either. We help various companies that are located or established in another continent with all of their trucking needs here in the United States, in a sense we become an extension of their company here in the United States, making sure that they are always receiving the best prices and of course the most efficient service.

 Does Freightship only serve the Miami and Florida Trucking Market?

Freightship is proudly and strategically established in the great city of Miami,FL but our freight broker services expand through the entire United States. In other words, if you need freight moved to or from the Northwest region of Oregon and Washington we can help.

 How can Freightship get me Better prices than what we already get?

The answer is volume. As one of the largest truck brokers in the world Freightship has a high volume of shipments all throughout the United States. This in turn allows us to obtain major discounts from Carriers.

These discounts that we receive permits us to provide you, our clients, with great rates throughout the entire year.

 What type of trucking shipments can Freightship help me move?

Freightship can help with a majority of trucking shipments including but not limited to :

  • Dry Van Shipments
  • Refrigerated Shipments
  • Flatbed Shipments
  • LTL or Partial Shipments
  • Oversized and Overweight shipments
  • Container Drayage Shipments
  • Hazardous Shipments.

 When can Freightship start to help me move my freight?

We can start today, all you need to do is go onto our homepage and put in the basic details of a shipment that you are interested in having moved. We will get back to you within minutes with our rates and transit time for the shipment. At that point you can choose to book the shipment or have us quote other shipments or lanes for you.

As one of the largest freight brokers in the world Freightship is here to help you with all of your trucking needs. The idea is for us to take care of all of the details (and stress) that can sometimes come along with moving truckload freight within the United States. This in turn allows you to stay focused on your core business without neglecting the trucking and logistics side. This balance that we help provide allows your business to grow in an organic and very efficient manner.

The next time you need to move freight within the United States, independent of the size, weight, origin or destination of the shipment contact Freightship. We provide you with top notch freight broker and truck broker services each and every time.

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