Freight Carriers: Out With the Old in With The New

The carrier industry was gone for a while. With carriers like UPS , Fedex, and DHL customers (commercial and personal alike) were suffering from lack of quality service, inefficient shipping methods and an overall mediocrity coming from their traditional freight transporters.

Luckily there is newer options available in the ever changing logistics and transportation world. Companies who were established specifically to serve the needs of our modern world.

 Why Do Online Orders Take So Long

If you have ever made an order online and have had to wait day after day ,or week after week with the hope of it one day getting there you know who to blame. It sure isn’t the sellers fault, even though they do share in the responsibility of choosing the freight carrier.

The main responsibility comes from the carriers themselves, their methods of doing business from start to finish are just completely inefficient and rapidly becoming irrelevant in a modern, globalized economy like ours.

 Large and Old = Inefficient

But how can we expect these carriers to be efficient, i mean we are talking about companies who were established hundreds of years ago, literally, (UPS was founded in 1908).

No matter how much they try to adapt and modernize their methods it is incredibly hard for a company with such traditional methods and with so much influence from the “older generation” to truly understand and grasp the new generation of commerce.

We are also talking about a company with over 400,000 employees, a company of that size is very heavy and lethargic, it is impossible for them to move around and be flexible and dynamic and ready to adapt at moments notice.

 Lack of Quality Customer Service

As a carrier and freight and transportation provider, companies like Fedex and DHL know that they are indispensable to their clients. They understand that logistics is a necessity not a want or a privilege .

No matter how bad their customer relations their clients are going to need their services, people need to get their orders and businesses need to ship their cargo, no matter how bad the experience on the phone is with the carrier.

Because of this, it has caused these carriers to provide lax customer service as they truly don’t see any motivation or incentive for going that extra mile as far as pleasing their customers and making sure they have a positive customer experience.

But the discontent and negative energy runs deep in the company. In my personal experience i can tell you that USPS postal workers are some of the unhappiest people on earth. I would deduce that the company environment and business practices make them that way.

They don’t call it “going postal” when somebody has gone extremely angry for no reason.

 Modern Shipping is Here to Stay

Thankfully, there is other options available in the market. Companies that are established with a consciousness of this new generation of commerce.

If the older, “traditional” companies keep trying to impose their will on the market as opposed to adapting to the current trends they will soon become completely irrelevant.

Clients and shippers all across the planet are beginning to gain great advantages over their competitors by simply changing carriers and using more modern options.

The new wave in freight carriers is here to stay.

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