Freightship for Quality Drayage Service in Miami: Transporting Intermodal Containers Within Florida

Drayage Service in and around Miami and South Florida can sometimes be a hassle if you don’t go with the right company. This article shows you the best options for a quality intermodal container transport service.

Because of Miami’s high volume of container traffic, sometimes finding capacity for your container solutions can be a hassle. Anyone who has had an urgent need to transport a container in or around Miami can attest to this.

Many container transport companies are completely booked days in advance and have absolutely no capacity to move shipments on short notice.

If you are in need of booking transportation of a container , weeks in advance or on short notice you can contact for all your solutions.

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We are going to guarantee you the best rates for your container shipments and we always have capacity for your shipments , no matter how short the notice. Whether its going from Miami to West Palm or to Northern Florida , we are your best option to guarantee the best rates while you make sure you a receiving top notch professional service.

We move a very large volume of containers on a daily and weekly basis and constantly have empty trucks “on call” and ready for your order. We service all of Florida as well as the United States and pride ourselves on the highest quality container transport service in the Nation at the absolute best price.

The next time you need a container moved on short notice or you just want to make sure you receive the best rate on your next shipments contact as we are the largest online (3PL) in the world and have a vast network of carriers ready to service all your needs.

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