Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Freightship licensed and insured as a Broker of Freight?

A: Yes, Freightship, is licensed, bonded and insured, on both a National and International level. For privacy reasons we don’t put our licensing and insurance info on the site but if you contact us we would be more than happy to send you official proofs of all permits, licenses, insurance, etc.

Q: Does Freightship protect my privacy as a user of the website?

A: Yes, Freightship always maintains your info as confidential , we never release our users’ personal or business info to any other parties for any reason.

Q: Does Freightship as a “broker” assure the client that all the parties involved in the Transportation of said product have the proper licensing?

A: Yes, Freightship keeps a very tight network of carriers , we constantly update each Carrier’s folder, making sure that they have everything up to date.

Q: How long does it take to get a quote back once I fill out the “Freightship Quote Form”?

A: On the site, we say, “we can have your quote back within 10 mins”. It is usually much less than this, on average, we take right around 5 mins from the time you send in the form to provide you with an official quote. This all depends on the type of freight, origin, destination, etc. But we are never going to take longer than 10 minutes to return an official quote to you.

Q: What assurance do I have that my load will make it in time to destination?

A: Freightship completely guarantees it’s service, if we confirm an order for a certain date then you can rest assured that it will be there by that date.

Q: What kind of Freight can’t be transported through the Freightship website?

A: Very few, there is some specific hazmat loads that we don’t get involved with as well as any type of contraband or illegal substances/materials. Other than this, our site can pretty much help any type of shipper moving any kind of Freight. If your freight is not eligible to be moved through us we will let you know in advance before we do any type of confirmation with the order.

Q: How do I make payment?

A: Since we provide service to an International range of customers we only accept Cash, Wire Transfers, or Cashier’s Check mailed to us overnight. We do not accept any type of credit/debit card nor any kind of personal checks.

Q: Does Freightship extend Credit?

A: Yes, Freightship extends credit to some companies based on their credit history as well as payment history when using Freightship.

Q: Does Freightship provide refunds?

A: Yes, in the very rare instances that we didn’t make delivery by the agreed upon date we do provide partial refunds for all of our client’s. Again, in the very rare instances that we don’t make delivery at all, we provide the client with a full refund amount within 24 hours.

Q: What are the chances of Freightship not making delivery?

A: Slim to none, we at Freightship pride ourselves in consistency, that means our clients can rest assured that their delivery will be made by their agreed upon date.

Q: What kind of logistics solutions can I use Freightship for?

A: Mostly anything that has to do with “Logistics” we cover. From corporate relocations to individual, smaller, one time shipments. You can use Freightship as your platform to guarantee the lowest price anytime you have to transport a product from one point to the other, wherever that may be.

Q: Where do I go if my question is not covered by this FAQ?

A: If we didn’t respond your inquiry here you can always go to our Contact Us page and submit your question. We guarantee a rapid response.

Q: Can I , as a client give my input on the service of the Carriers?

A: Yes, we provide each client with a review form after each completed delivery where you can give us your thoughts on the service, timeliness, etc. If a Carrier receives several negative complaints he is automatically expelled of the Freightship network.

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