Full Container Solutions and Shipping Services on an International Scale

Do you need to ship a full container load? Is it going within the United States or to an International destination? No matter what the case, freightshipit.com is your source for all full container shipping solutions. We offer the highest quality full container shipping and trucking solutions in the western hemisphere, and we provide service to a global range of clientele.

Full Container Solutions and Shipping Services on an International Scale

Full containers are a great option for some clients depending on the type of shipment in question. Freightship is your source to make sure your receive the most efficient and safe transport of your shipment as is possible while guaranteeing the best rates in the market when it is time to pay.

By shipping your (FCL) with us you have just a single point of contact whether the shipment is multimodal or Port to Port. Whatever the case you are only going to have to call your account manager at Freightship to receive any updates or to ask any questions you might have about your shipment, delivery dates, etc.

Years of Full Container Shipping Experience Makes for Quality Container Transport Services.

We at Freightship pride ourselves in making things as simple and worry free as is possible for the customer. Our customers can sleep sound at night knowing that their clients are going to be receiving their freight in a timely manner and in the best conditions.

Our headquarters are in the heart of Miami,FL , this has provided us the opportunity to amass years of experience when it comes to full container shipping and trucking services and we are experts at all the steps involved in shipping and transporting a container.

We serve as a hub for full container shipments coming into The United States and Canada from Latin America as well as for the shipments leaving the USA and going to Latin America and the Caribbean. We also tend to a global range of container shipping customers in Europe, Africa and Asia

You as the shipper are not going to run into any problems or headaches while making your shipment with us. You just strictly book the shipment with us and we literally take care of everything else.

We also provide shippers with full container trucking services for when you want to get your container to and from the port. We only work with the highest quality Full Container Carriers in the market and we make sure to do thorough screenings and background checks before ever contracting one of our agents to transport your freight. We make sure they have all the appropriate paperwork up to date to transport your full container freight.

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