Good Dry Van Loads: The Best Dry Van Runs in the Trucking Industry

When you become a Freightship Carrier you gain access to good dry van loads on a year round basis. We provide our carriers with the highest dry van rates on their runs and the quickest pay times in the nation. There is no need for you to go around from load board to load board looking for good dry van rates for your trucks. Sign up with us today and you will have access to the best runs in the Nation.

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 No Dead Zones

As the world’s largest online based broker we have a virtually unlimited amount of dry van loads on a daily basis. Our dry van runs cover pretty much every area in the United States as well as Mexico and Canada(if you have your permits). We have runs in and out of the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, West Coast, etc. etc.

 We Never Load You Overweight

If you have ever run loads for some of the “older brokers” such as JB Hunt, CH Robinson, etc. then you know just how heavy they can load your dry van trailer. This not only causes problems for your trucks, tires, etc.. But can also seriously cut into your earnings, we all know how much fuel a truck spends when it is loaded at 45,000 pounds plus.

At Freightship we make sure that you are never loaded overweight.You can rest assured that every load you take with us is going to be below the legal limit in any state in the country.

 Fastest Pay Times in the Industry

At Freightship one thing we take very serious is pay times. We understand how frustrating it can be to finish a run, send in the paperwork and then have to wait endlessly for your pay while you get strung along with different excuses day after day.

That is why we made a commitment to always pay Carriers within 48 hours. And when we say less than 2 days we really mean it. Once you are done with your load you send in your paperwork (free of charge) through either trip-pack or transflo. Once we receive confirmation of the paperwork we pay you immediately.

The whole process usually takes right around 24 hours from the time you drop your load off but we say 2 days just in case.

 Great Paying Dry Van Runs

For many carriers, good dry van loads are not easy to come across nowadays. This is mostly because they are looking for loads in all the wrong places. When you join the new wave of freight brokers and (3PL) providers such as Freightship you gain access to a steady stream of great paying runs.

There is no need for you to continue taking overweight loads at low prices from brokers who really don’t have any interest in Motor Carriers and don’t really understand how important Motor Carriers actually are to their business.

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6 thoughts on “Good Dry Van Loads: The Best Dry Van Runs in the Trucking Industry

    1. Hi RC,

      Thanks for your comment, it really depends on what you mean by “proftable”.

      Dry van loads right now are paying an average of $1.60 per mile to the truck.

      Thank you,


  1. Hello, my name is Joaquin lemus

    I’m very shocked & wowed at all the wonderful quality’s your company is providing, I worked for CH Robinson for many years and your absolutely accurate about many heavy loads, wear and tear on my trucks, also the pay is never on time. I have a loving family of 7. I am an honest hard working man & an owner operator with 3 employees looking for a great company that I can stay a lifelong commitment to. I’ve been searching for years for a company that I can feel at ease making steady income, finding great loads to finally provide for my family. If I could have someone contact me soon as possible I’d really like to hear about connecting to freightship company & join this team. 951-391-9977 also if you provide dry vans I would like to get more information regarding this. I can provide great service to your company & will be more then happy to hear from your team.

    1. Good Afternoon Mr. Lemus,

      Thank you for all your kind words and for reaching out to us. We will be providing you with our program that describes our services. A representative from our company will be reaching out to you within 24 hours.

      Thank you and have a great day


    1. Good Morning Phillip,

      Thank you for your interest in our services.

      I am not really sure what it is exactly that you are referring to. But, I will be putting you in contact with one of our representatives so he will assist you in any way he can.

      We hope you have a beautiful day!


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