Good Flatbed Loads: The Highest Flatbed Rates in Trucking

When you sign up as a Motor Carrier for Freightship you gain access to good flatbed loads on a year round basis and during all seasons. We offer our Flatbed motor carriers consistent runs, quick pay times and the best quality flatbed loads in trucking.

Best Flatbed Load

Consistent Flatbed Runs

If you are a Flatbed carrier or have some flatbeds on your fleet then you probably understand just how difficult it can be to find good flatbed loads during certain seasons and in certain areas.

As the worlds largest online based freight broker, Freightship provides carriers with a virtually unlimited amount of flatbed opportunities each and every day. No matter what season it is or what part of the country your in we have plenty of work for your flatbed truck.

Our constant work opportunities have allowed many of our carriers to grow their flatbed fleet substantially as they know we can provide them with as much work as they can handle.

 Quick Pay Times

Freightship is by far the fastest paying broker in the industry. When you deliver a load for us their is no excuses , we always pay you in 48 hours. All you have to do is once your finished with a run send us the paperwork through either trip-pack or transflo (free of charge).

This gives our carriers complete peace of mind knowing that they will be paid and paid properly for their work.

 Best Flatbed Loads in the Industry

Freightship is more of an online platform than a freight broker. We offer a site where shippers can go post their loads and carriers can go to find loads for their trucks. This allows us to provide motor carriers with some of the best flatbed loads in the entire industry.

if you are a Flatbed Carrier it is time you explore new options as far as your load source. Many carriers in the industry are getting underpaid and ripped of by brokers who have an old method of doing business. Join the new wave in the trucking industry called Freightship and enjoy access to good Flatbed loads on a year round basis.

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One thought on “Good Flatbed Loads: The Highest Flatbed Rates in Trucking

  1. Why is it harder to get flatbed loads during certain times of the year? Is most of the cargo on these shipments for construction? Otherwise, I can’t think of why there would be a drop-off in how much needs to be shipped with flatbed trucks.

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