Good Paying Loads: How to Find Quality Loads for Your Truck

Having access to good paying loads is probably the single most important factor in running a successful truck carrier business. Whether your carrier company is composed of 1 truck or 100 , if you don’t have access to good paying loads you won’t be successful in this business.

A lot of carriers/owner operators make the mistake of trying to go and work directly with the shipper. You have to understand , a lot of times the shippers have a high volume of loads that need to be moved. Someone with just 4 or 5 trucks isn’t really of any value to them. That is why most of the time shippers contact a broker to move their freight.

Your job as a carrier is to establish a good relationship with a quality broker. By doing this you can keep your trucks busy throughout the entire year. Now there is a wide range of brokers out there, you have to make sure you are working with the right ones.

Good Paying Loads: How to Find Quality Loads for Your Truck
Don’t settle for the older options such as JB Hunt, Ch Robinson, Total Quality, etc. as anyone in the trucking business knows they tend to underpay their carriers and overload your trailers with extra weight.

The new breed of freight brokers such as have been founded with small carriers in mind. Freightship has a massive network of smaller carriers as opposed to other brokers who use two or three big carriers to move all their loads.

If you are having difficulty finding good loads for your truck and making a decent profit after your deliveries then contact us at Freightship. We provide our carriers with the highest quality and best paying loads in the entire industry, bar none.

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