Heavy Machinery Transport: Logistics and Transportation of Heavy Equipment

If you need to transport heavy machinery anywhere within the United States or to any other country in the world Freightship can help. We offer logistics and transportation of heavy equipment by way of truck (domestically) and through the ocean (Internationally). 

Truck Transportation of Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery Transport: Logistics and Transportation of Heavy Equipment

 Your Heavy Equipment is in the Hands of Professionals

A lot of times clients call us and tell us they are either not happy with the rates that are being offered by their current transportation provider or not happy with the overall service.Heavy machinery transportation is a whole different ball game and you can’t just contract any trucking company to move your heavy equipment because it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Our location in Miami,FL has allowed us to amass large amounts of experience in reference to transporting and shipping heavy machinery and equipment not only to different cities within the country but also to international destinations, usually Latin America and the Caribbean.

We have transported every type of heavy machinery that you can imagine. And have an absolutely perfect success rate doing so.

Our vast network of heavy machinery carriers allows us to provide you with the best quality service in the industry. We don’t ever contract mediocre carriers or carriers with any type of bad driving records or safety scores.

Apart from this, having such a wide range of options allows us to provide you with a low rate for the transportation of your heavy equipment shipment after shipment. The rate you receive from us the first time is most likely the rate you will pay each and every time (for that specific shipment of course).

 From Any Origin to Any Destination

Whatever type of heavy equipment it is that you are shipping, contact us today. Our slogan is, “from any origin to any destination” and that is exactly what we provide. No matter where your heavy equipment is currently located and no matter where you have to ship it to, we can do it, and we’ll do it at the lowest rates in the market.

Let go of your old carriers, it is time you take advantage of the new technologies that are at your disposal. While using an outdated and “old school” carrier or transportation provider might sound good to a lot of people, the truth of the matter is it’s just not an efficient method of doing business, not to mention much more costly.

Contact us today , you don’t have to make any commitment whatsoever. We can provide you with an immediate quote which won’t even take 2 minutes of your time. Its 2 minutes that can save you and your business a lot of money on your heavy machinery transport needs.

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One thought on “Heavy Machinery Transport: Logistics and Transportation of Heavy Equipment

  1. Kindly need transportation service and freight quotation for below detailed firm cargo

    1 Unit Mobile Concrete Pump

    From : 3 Manchester court Bolton On L7E 2Y1 – Toronto
    To : Port of Wilmington, Delaware

    Lenght: 13,716 mt 45 feet
    Width: 3,048 mt 120 inch
    Height: 4,1148 mt 13 feet 6 inch
    Weight: 36,287 ton- 45,359 ton 80000 – 100000 lb

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