How to Maintain Safety Scores? 3 Steps to Keeping Good Safety Scores

Whether you are a new carrier company or have been established for years, maintaining low Safety Scores is vital to the health and prosperity of your business.

This article will show you how to maintain Safety Scores at a “Satisfactory” rating throughout the entire length of your business. Having a “Conditional” or “Unsatisfactory” rating can severely limit your chances of receiving loads from quality clients and is going to make it very hard to finish a run without getting pulled over and inspected by highway patrol.


1) Screen all Drivers:

A lot of companies tend to go on a hiring rampage and hire any driver that applies without doing the proper screening, background checks, etc. It might seem like a good idea but just one bad driver can cost you a lot of money and might cost you the life of your company. Because of this, make sure you are doing all the preventative work to make sure that you are hiring quality drivers that understand safety measurements and protocol.

screen drivers freightship

2) Give Incentive:

A great idea that is implemented by many successful carrier companies is to give drivers and owner operators an incentive to make sure they do good on safety inspections and have all their stuff in place when it is time for a screening. Example: you can give drivers a $200 bonus on their weekly statement if they pass a level 1 inspection or do good on any highway patrol or DOT screening. A little extra that you pay a driver or owner operator can go a long way in ensuring that all your drivers are following protocol.

give incentive drivers freightship

3) Have a Safety Department:

Whether its one person or an entire staff is relative to the size of your company. But what is crucial to any truck carrier business is to have someone dedicated to overseeing and making sure that safety scores are on point. If you have 5 trucks or less , one person should be able to handle the job. After 5 trucks its time to start hiring people to make sure the Safety Department within your company is running smoothly.
Freightship Safety Score Team

safety department freightship

Note: Remember, owner operators and drivers can always go lease on or drive for another company. Your safety scores are not tied up with their interests. This can make a lot of drivers not really care about passing inspections, having proper logbooks, etc. As the company owner or manager in charge of your companies Safety Scores you have to make sure that drivers and owner operators are as interested in CSA Scores and Company Safety as you are. You can do this by incentive programs, etc. (as explained above).

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