How To Make Money as a Truck Owner by Hiring a Driver: 3 Steps

Many people who are interested in getting involved in the trucking business usually have the same question. Can I buy a truck, put a driver on it and still see decent profits without actually having to drive the truck? The answer is definitely yes. This article while show you the steps you should take to ensure your truck produces great money for you.


1) Buy the Right Truck:

Like any other venture you might take on in life, if you don’t have the proper equipment you are not going to be successful. In trucking this means buying the right truck. You can’t expect to make money with a truck that is going to be breaking down constantly. Any Freightliner that is 2005 and newer should do just fine for the first couple of years, if it is well maintained.

freightship wiki freight step 1 buy the right truck

2) Contract a Quality Driver:

This is definitely one of the most important things for having a successful trucking business, this applies whether your trucking business consists of 1 truck or 100 trucks. If you have good drivers you’ll have no problem keeping your clients and building a strong customer base. On the other hand, a couple of bad drivers can cost you insane amounts of money and can give your company a real bad reputation.

freightship wiki freight step 2 contract a quality driver

3) Get a Good Broker:

This is probably the most important step in your whole venture. You can have the greatest truck in the world being driven by the most professional driver on the planet. But if you don’t have access to good paying loads then your truck is not moving anywhere. All you need is to establish a contact with one good broker and you will have more work than you can handle. Freight brokers literally have thousands of loads on a daily basis , they can provide you with good paying runs for your trucks and even dedicated lanes so you know where your truck is going to be running at all times. We at are an online freight broker and we offer some of the highest paying rates in the nation for small carriers (1-5 trucks).
Freightship Member on the Phone

freightship wiki freight step 3 get a good broker

Note: By following these three basic steps you can build a small company from one truck to about ten trucks in no time. In our past experience with a good and reliable truck and a professional driver the truck owner can be seeing an average of around $1500/ week of net profit after paying all expenses.

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