How to Reduce Stress at Work: 4 Steps to Reduce Stress at Work and Create a Positive Work Environment

This article will show you how to calm down and be stress-free while at work. In our line of work stress can really get to you if you let it.

Logistics coordinators, operations managers, dispatchers, etc. can tend to deal with a lot of variables and fluxes in their daily activities. Different circumstances within our job can make someone go from happy to extremely depressed in a matter of minutes, (tire blowouts, late deliveries, etc).

This article will show you how to keep your balance and keep your poise so you can be as effective and efficient as possible while at work.


1) Breathe Deeply:

It might sound like nonsense but its probably the single most important habit you can cultivate at times of stress. Deep breathing has deep physiological effects on the body and mind. Deep breathing has been known for thousands of years to reduce tension and anxiety. In times of stress take in at least a good 10 deep breaths and you will notice the change in mood and regain of balance almost instantly.

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2) Let things go:

In any job, especially in a logistics/transportation job, there is a lot of variables, things always look like they should be black and white on paper but in reality there is a lot of shades of grey. Learn how to let go and accept that a lot of things are just out of your control. How much control do you really have over if a driver blows a tire or has mechanical problems with his rig? Not much, so just let go and let things be , there are certain things you can’t control no matter how much you hold on to them.

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3) Get Good Sleep:

Some companies allow their employees to take a 15-20 min power nap after lunch or throughout the day. A good nights rest will give your day a whole different flavor. When you get little or no sleep your problems tend to feel magnified. When you sleep well your problems come and go very easily.

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4) Understand that Everything Passes:

No matter how pissed off your client is , or how bad you look because of that late delivery it is all going to pass. More likely than not your client or customer will overlook your mistakes as they can perfectly understand that some things are just not under your control. So don’t get stuck on that late delivery or no-show. Learn from it and keep on going, your client will forget all about it the next time he is in need of your services.

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Note: They might look simple, but following these basic steps on a daily basis can have profound effects on your work experience and daily overall moods.

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