Independent Truck Dispatcher

If you are looking for an independent truck dispatcher get in contact with Freightship today. We offer you the highest quality independent truck dispatcher services in the United States. Our job is to make sure that your truck is always receiving the highest quality loads in the United States and also to make sure that your truck is never stopped or running a high amount of empty miles.

Contract Freightship as my Independent Truck Dispatcher right now.

Independent Truck Dispatcher

How much does Freightship charge for Independent Truck Dispatcher services ?

For our independent truck dispatcher services Freightship charges a 10% from the gross amount of each load. In other words, if a load from Houston,TX to Miami,FL pays $3,000 our commission for that load will be $300.

What does the 10% commission include ?

Our 10% commission for independent truck dispatcher services includes but is not limited to the following services :

  1. Booking the best possible load for your truck at that point in time, regardless of where the truck is situated or what day of the week it is.
  2. 24 hour roadside assistance and emergency support. If anything happens on the road then we got you covered 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  3. Negotiating layovers and detention times with the brokers. We all know how difficult it can be to get detention time from brokers. The truth is that they just do not want to pay detention unless they absolutely have to. When you contract Freightship as your dispatcher we negotiate layovers and detention times to the very last penny.
  4. Generating invoices on your behalf and following up on payment to make sure that you always get paid quickly and on time.
  5. Load planning strategies , due to the amount of trucks that we move we know exactly what routes and trips are the most profitable for your truck depending on the type of equipment you have.

Basically, when you contract Freightship as your independent truck dispatcher you are paying a 10% commission to have all of your needs taken care of with one single company. We literally handle everything for you so that you can focus strictly on driving and on thinking up new ways to grow and expand your business.

Freightship is the new wave of Third Party Logistics company in the trucking industry. We also match carriers and shippers in the same way that “traditional freight brokers” do but more importantly we help out the carrier on the backend to make sure that they can deliver their freight on time and provide an outstanding service to their clients with our help.

Contract Freightship as my Independent Truck Dispatcher right now.

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    1. Good afternoon Mr. Makkar,

      Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. In order to operate a truck(s) on the road in the US, you are required to have insurance. You are also required to have US DOT & MC permits and we can assist you with obtaining them. I will be sending you a program that contains additional information about these services.

      Thank you and have a good day


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