Logistics: What is Logistics and How it Affects Us

The word “logistics” is thrown around in various contexts nowadays. Sometimes correctly and a lot of times incorrectly. Having a proper understanding of logistics and how it exactly affects us is not only important to those who work in the logistics and transportation field but for pretty much anyone who in someway contributes or is part of the modern economy.

Logistics is, in layman’s terms, the managing of the flow of goods from origin to destination. Now, “origin” and “destination” can be any city and any country , sometimes even a different planet, (think Nasa and the astronauts). What logistics basically does is make sure that whatever it is that needs to get from point A to point B gets there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A logistician is an expert in logistics and transportation, he or she is the person that makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

How do they do this? Usually by a lot of preplanning and thinking ahead.

As a logistician,one of your main responsibilities is foreseeing any and every problem that could or might arise and to come up with the solution for said problem before it even happens.

This can be very simple when transporting a bike or furniture within a 10 or 15 mile radius but can progressively become an extremely delicate and sophisticated process. There is some logisticians , like many of our experts here at Freightship that take on projects which require years of planning ahead.

Logistics: What is Logistics and How it Affects Us

 How Does Logistics Really Affect Us

Very few people, especially nowadays, understand the deep importance that logistics has, not only on our economy but on our very own personal health and wellbeing. Logistics is very much underestimated by our society.

Much like our natural bodily functions, such as the beating of our hearts and our breathing process , logistics is taken for granted as something that, “takes care of itself” within the internal anatomy of our economy.

To use the same analogy, if our heart stops beating or our breathing process is disturbed , our body is going to have a very hard time functioning. In a similar fashion , if the logistics sector stops or is disturbed for any reason ( economic problems, terrorist activities, etc) our economy will come to a complete halt.

This is why we at Freightship make a habit out of honoring and recognizing the logisticians, operations managers, coordinators, etc. not only in the United States but all around the world. Very few of them receive the recognition they deserve for a job that is so important and essential to the wellbeing of ourselves, our family and our friends.

Logistics is a part of the economy that will be with us forever. Because of this, it is a good idea to at the very least have a brief understanding of the logistics world and the importance that our “Architects of Transport” (logisticians) have on our world and planet.

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