LTL Trucking Services in Miam

If you are in need of LTL trucking services contact Freightship today. As one of the largest freight brokerage firms in the world we make sure that you always meet your ltl shipping demands.

We leverage our volume to obtain discounted rates from ltl carriers (up to 80% off the base rate) which we later pass on to you. When you ship your ltl freight with Freightship you are guaranteeing the lowest prices in the country for any type of commodity from and to any region in North America.

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 What is LTL?

LTL or “less than truckload” shipping is one of the largest sectors of the North American trucking industry. Basically, any type of shipment that is being transported via land and is to big for couriers (USPS, etc.) and too small to use a full truckload is shipped via LTL.

The great advantage of LTL is that it allows you to pay for exactly the amount of space that you will be using, nothing more. In other words , thanks to LTL you don’t have to pay for a full truck which is much more expensive when your shipment really only takes up one half or one quarter of the truck, hence the term “less than truckload”.

 What discounts can we get by shipping LTL with Freightship?

FS offers you substantial discounts on your LTL shipments. In the majority of cases we save our clients from 30% – 40% but there is many cases in where we save them over 70% on their less than truckload shipments.

 How can Freightship have such low rates?

As one of the largest brokers of freight in America we have a very high volume of shipments each and every day. This allows us to negotiate with LTL carriers and to get major price reductions which otherwise would not be possible to companies with smaller volume.

Another reason is because in addition to the low rates that we obtain we have very thin profit margins. Being a tech company our mentality has always been to obtain a large amount of volume and sales as opposed to make high profits on each and every shipment.

What Regions does Freightship Serve?

Freightship is headquartered in Miami,FL but we provide LTL services throughout the entire United States as well as into Mexico and some parts of Canada.

How much time in advance do you need to pick up a shipment?

This really depends on the type of shipment, region where it is being picked up ,etc. But in 98% of cases all we need is 3 hours of anticipation before we pickup.

So , if you need a shipment picked up by 4:00 PM all you need to do is notify us at 1:00 PM or earlier and we will make the pickup at the scheduled time.

 What type of shipments can i ship through Freightship?

Freighship LTL services covers a very wide range of sectors, we can pretty much provide LTL for the majority of industries including but not limited to, medical equipment, electronics, aviation, aerospace, dangerous goods, refrigerated products, etc. etc.

Anything that you need shipped via LTL you can contact us and we will make sure to complete your shipment at the lowest rate possible.

Contact Freightship today for all of your Less than Truckload Needs!

If you are in Miami or anywhere else in the country and you need LTL service in North America then contact Freightship today.

We make the process to quote, book and track your shipment easy and effortless. We also guarantee you the lowest rates in the country.

If you would like to get some rates for your LTL shipments you simply need to click the link below and put in the basic information for your shipment. We will contact you within minutes with your official rate , you can also take that time to ask us any questions that you might have before booking your shipment.

If you want efficient and economically priced LTL contact Freightship today.

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