Making Money as a Truck Owner or Owner Operator by Putting a Driver on Your Truck

I get a lot of emails from truck owners, owner operators and people who want to buy a truck all with the same question. Can I buy a truck and put a driver on it and still make decent profits from home? The answer is a definite yes. If you do it right. Many people jump into buying a truck without truly taking every factor into consideration and it ends up costing them heavily. This article will explain how you can make money as a truck owner by hiring a driver to drive your truck.

Making Money as a Truck Owner or Owner Operator by Putting a Driver on Your Truck

First thing you have to do is buy the proper truck. Trucking is like any other business or anything else for that matter, if you don’t have the proper equipment you are not going to succeed. It’s as simple as that. There is many people who want to make money in this trucking business by putting a driver on it but they don’t want to make the initial investment.

For example if you think you are going to make money in this business by buying a 1994 Freightliner that you found online for $3000 then you have another thing coming. Not only are you going to have a hard time keeping it running for more than one or two loads, but your going to have a real hard time finding a driver who is willing to put his license and his life on the line to drive your truck.

This brings us to the next point. finding a good driver. This is the second step and probably the most important. The quality of driver is pretty much going to decide whether your venture succeeds or fails. Anybody who has been in the trucking business can tell you the importance of having a good driver. If on the other hand you get yourself a bad driver (of which their is plenty out there) it can completely ruin you. Literally , I have seen it happen before many years ago when I used to work at a company who focused strictly on trucking.

Just one bad driver can wreak havoc on your business and on your bank accounts. Not only because of late deliveries, getting tickets (which causes your safety scores to rise), accidents, insurance claims, etc. But the real bad ones are known to pull highway scams and stunts of that nature.

For example, the driver can tell you the truck has a major mechanical problem and he took it to a repair shop and they said its going to cost around $6000 to fix. Little do you know the truck really has no problem and he just made a deal “under the table” with the mechanic at the repair shop to write you a phony receipt and then they split the $6000. As stupid a scam as this is there really is no way you can find out whether he is lying or not. Remember , a lot of the time this truck is 2,000 miles away from your home in a far away state in a town you have never heard of.

But that is just the bad apples, there is many high quality drivers out there who drive the way they are supposed to and work very professionally. Usually these are the ones who see a long career and a very nice income.

Other than the equipment and the driver the next most important thing is the loads. You can have a great truck and an even better driver but if you don’t have access to good paying loads then your truck is not moving anywhere and neither is your business. Contacts with great brokers can literally make the difference between having a decent business and one that is constantly growing.

Your best bet after you find yourself a truck and a driver that you can trust is to go look for a broker that is going to provide you with quality loads and rapid payment. We at Freightship offer some of the best paying loads in the nation and pay all of our carriers within 48 hours from delivery.

Once you have a truck and a driver you can give us a call and we can begin a productive relationship that is going to benefit both parties. By way of providing you with good loads we can help you grow your business (as we have with many other truck owners) from one truck and one driver to an entire fleet of trucks who are constantly on the road and producing great money for you.

So there you have it, the way to have a truck on the road that produces you decent amounts of profit each and every week is having a good truck and an even better driver while having access to good paying loads from a great broker.

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