MC & USDOT Authority Service

 DOT and Motor Carrier Authority Services: Get Your Trucking Authority with Freightship Today

Did you know? Freightship offers services for owner operators and truck owners who would like to obtain their own operating authority.

We have made it our mission to take care of the small trucking companies, (1-5 trucks under their authority) seeing as these “small” trucking companies make up 90% of the trucking industry.

We at Freightship, don’t give the best loads (the highest paying ones) to the big companies as many other brokers in this industry like to do. We give everyone a fair chance. And it turns out that many times, the small companies tend to provide us with a better service as far as on time deliveries and good communication.

We can help you (the owner operator) make the transition from being leased onto a trucking company to running under your own authority and receiving loads from brokers (such as ourselves) directly, without having to get them through the Carrier that you are leased on to.

Many owner operators who are leased onto a Carrier can be losing up to 40% of their revenue by failing to obtain their own authority which, through us, can be obtained very easily.

We charge a flat fee of $900 to get you every permit that you need to start running legitimately. This includes but is not limited to MC number, DOT number , UCR, BOC-3, etc. We get you everything, (except for insurance) that you need to start running loads across the country.

By obtaining your authority with us you are gaining an advantage over other carriers who do it though a third party or through a random website. Simply because , we are Freight Brokers, and operate a Freight Broker website. Thus we not only help you obtain your operating authority, but more importantly we get you the loads once you are officially up and running with your own company.

Most DOT sites out there, strictly get you your operating authority but then leave you stranded when it comes to the hardest part about getting a trucking company off the ground which is finding work and keeping your truck moving.

Freightship not only gets you your authority but gets you work after your authority has been open.

Depending on experience, you might not be able to become a Freightship Carrier immediately but we certainly keep you on our list and as soon as you have sufficient experience the process is simple and easy as far as getting you onboard and finding you work at the best rates in the industry.

Regardless, if you just want us to get you your authority and then go with another broker that’s not a problem at all and that is fair game. We will still get you your authority and we will be glad to do so. No matter what, you can always have us as an option if you are in a “dead zone” or are in need of loads.

You can get your Motor Carrier operating authority with us today. The entire process usually takes less than 3 weeks before your operating authority officially becomes active and you can start running loads.

No matter what, we will keep you informed throughout the entire process as to the status of your application and you can feel free to call your representative here at Freightship whenever you have any additional questions or doubts as to your application. Contact us now and we can have you set up in less than 5 minutes.

We charge a Flat Fee of $900.
We can have your active Motor Carrier Operating Authority in less than 3 weeks.

Our goal is to help the small trucking companies (1- 5 trucks) have access to great paying loads so that they can in turn help us to get our freight moved all across the country as well as internationally.

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