Miami Truck Broker Services

Freightship is your Miami truck broker. We offer truck broker services from Miami all across the continental United States. The next time you need to move any type of trucking shipment , whether it be Dry Van, Flatbed, Refrigerated, LTL, Drayage or Oversized contact us.

Get Instant Rates for your Truckloads.

If you want to get a rate for your truck shipment , you simply have to go onto our home page, type in the basic information of your shipment and click “Get Shipping Rate”. In response we will send you our official rate to move your trucking shipment within minutes of your request. At that point you can choose to book the shipment or clear up any questions you might have.

 Save Time and Money by Using a Truck Broker

Freightship provides some of the highest quality truck broker services in Miami and in the world. As a truck broker our job and responsibility is to match shippers that need to move loads with trucking companies that have the capacity, availability and requirements to move those loads.

If you are a shipper we become an extension of your company in the sense that we are always working for your best interests. As many companies out there know, logistics , shipping and trucking in specifically can take up huge amounts of time at a company. The time you spend coordinating and executing trucking shipments is very valuable time that you can and should be using to focus on your core business activities.

Not to mention, using a truck broker as opposed to coordinating your own trucking shipments saves you substantial amounts of money. Companies that have their own fleet of trucks are spending very heavily on driver salaries, truck insurance, maintenance of the trucks, etc. etc. At the end of the year these costs add up to a very high price.

When you use a truck broker you can forget about maintenance costs, driver salaries, etc. You simply tell us what shipments you need to move and we take care of everything else. We make sure those shipments get there safely, efficiently and at an economic price.

 Freightship is your Miami-Based Truck Broker.

When you factor in all of the variables it just makes more sense from a financial and business point of view to use a truck broker as opposed to moving your own shipments.

Not only do you save time on the coordination and execution of shipments but you save substantial amounts of money that you would have spent on hiring drivers, personnel, maintaining fleet operations, etc.

A truck broker’s specialty is the coordination, movement and execution of trucking shipments. In other words our core business IS trucking. Let us handle all of your trucking shipments so that you can focus on your core business.

We offer truck broker services from Miami all across the United States , if you would like us to provide you with a rate just click on the link below and type in the basic information of your shipment. We will get back to you within minutes with your official quotation.

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