Miami Trucking Services: Best Trucking Companies in Miami, FL

If you are in need of trucking services or a trucking quote for freight moving in and out of Miami or Florida in general then you have a couple of options. Unfortunately all trucking companies are not created equal or are “equal” in any sense of the word. As a shipper you have to make sure you are choosing the right company to service your needs , otherwise it could end up costing you a lot , both money wise and reputation wise.

 So Many Trucking Options in Miami, Which to Choose?

With all the companies that offer different trucking services in Miami it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between the legitimate ones with good safety records and the ones operating out of their moms house with no permits or licenses.

If you are a shipper you know how difficult it can sometimes be to do a thorough check on the carrier. Making sure he has good driving records, is fully insured and meets any and other requirement that your company might have before hiring their trucking services.

A lot of shippers make the blunder of sometimes wanting to cut corners and not fully doing a background check on a carrier. This mistake can be fatal not only for your company but also for your own personal position within the company, After all you are the one being hired to overlook this whole process and make sure that all carriers are fully in accord with your company regulations.


 Freightship is Your Single Point of Contact For All Your Trucking Needs

But after all we are human beings anyways right? Who wants to spend hours on each and every carrier prospect. Making calls , going online and checking records, calling insurance companies etc. etc.. This takes a lot of valuable time from you when you can be doing other things.

All these reasons stated above is exactly why it is so important for the health and efficiency of your business operations to have a single point of contact for all of your shipping needs.

When you have a single point of contact like Freightship all you have to do is contact us and tell us all your shipping needs , we take care of the rest. Obviously there is going to be certain times where you are going to want to receive updates, check on truck ETA’s etc. Not to worry, our mission is your tranquility , this is what we strive for.

You will be receiving regular updates as to where your shipments are, when the truck will be getting to destination, etc, etc,.

Not only this, but we have entire departments within our company making sure that every carrier we contract to provide you with trucking services is completely in accord with all of your requirements. We keep a very strict and tight carrier network , hiring only the best trucking companies in Miami.

 The Modern Way to Ship

You can consider us a “freight broker” or “3PL” but we like to think of ourselves more as a shipping platform or shipping portal. You just go to our site, tell us your trucking needs and we worry about the rest.

This is the new way to make freight shipments and the absolute easiest and most efficient way to gain access to the most reputable and highest quality trucking services in Miami and the Florida area in general.

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