Modern Logistics: The New Wave in Shipping and Logistics

As a whole, logistics is one of the oldest industries known to mankind. Every kingdom in the world from the Egyptians to the Romans used logistics to coordinate the activities of their empire as well as for military purposes.

The basic logistics methods go back thousands of years. But like everything else, as the time goes by the methods should adapt to the current climates of commerce and politics.. To use the same methods the Egyptians used is simply not effective in a globalized economy with laptops, electronics, and Iphones such as the one that we live in today.

Unfortunately, that is what a lot of “traditional” companies are doing. Companies such as Fedex,UPS,DHL,etc. These companies are simply using outdated logistics methods and strategies that are just no longer effective.

Thankfully,newer companies such as ours here at Freightship have taken on the role and responsibility of serving this new market and economy.

What do we do different from these “old companies that makes us so much more effective in handling the worlds logistics needs in the year 2014 and beyond?

Modern Logistics: The New Wave in Shipping and Logistics

Making a shipment has truly never been so easy. Our team has worked extremely hard to simplify the shipping process as much as possible. Simplifying something for people can be some of the hardest work anybody can take on.

We have decluttered the shipping process to the point where it is just as simple for a personal shipper to ship a bicycle as it is for a major corporation to confirm and track the shipments of a very high volume of freight.

Conscious of the Environment/Green logistics

Probably one of the biggest differences between us and our competitors is the fact that we are obsessed with “Going Green”. Everything we do, from the office to the truck yard, we do with complete awareness and respect for the environment.

There is companies like DHL who are getting sued, (in Ohio) for water pollution. While in the meantime we are implementing completely paperless programs in our headquarters and at our offices all around the world. The aviation industry introduced a similar program and it saved them billions of dollars annually, not to mention the amazing benefits it had on the environment.

Cutting Edge Technology= Efficiency

The logistics industry has been slow to catch up with the technology wave in this decade and their clients have suffered because of it.

Freightship has introduced programs and new methods of handling logistics never before seen in the industry. Thanks to these methods along with our awareness of the technology available in this day and age we have been able to surpass our competitors such as Fedex and UPS in providing quality service to shippers all across the planet.

Lets face it, the traditional transportation companies were beginning their downward spiral since a long time ago. Not really through any fault of their own, but the hard truth is that logistics is not a service people want but a service people need. This has caused a lot companies to relax as far as providing top notch customer service and really going that extra mile.

Freightship is a whole different animal. We are a company founded in this new millennium (not in 1907). With a complete and utter understanding of what it takes to succeed in this new globalized world that we live in.

We understand the needs of shippers and companies in this age of the internet, and we serve those needs with an efficiency and accuracy never before seen in the industry of logistics.

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