Ocean Shipping: Ocean Transportation Intermediaries for Ocean Cargo and Intermodal Containers

Do you want to ship your freight overseas? Your best option, (depending on the commodity) is probably to put it on a Shipping line and send it across the ocean. There is a lot of companies that offer ocean cargo transport but none provide the prices or the service that can match up to those of Freightship.

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Whatever your commodity is, we can help you ship it overseas. We provide consistent service to all of the major ports along with drayage service (if needed) after your shipment gets to port.

We provide the best rates when it comes to shipping ocean cargo. We guarantee our service and we make sure to remain in contact with you throughout the entire time that your shipment is at sea. All the way until the moment that it gets to its destination. We only work with the highest quality shipping lines and container carriers and we have a 99% success rate as far as making deliveries on time.

Our strategic position in Miami,FL has allowed us to amass vast experience when it comes to ocean shipping within the hemisphere and across the world. No matter what your shipping, whether it be cars, trucks, dry cargo, refrigerated cargo, etc. Freightship has your solution.

We act as your personal agent throughout the entire process and we always make sure to protect your interests all the while your shipment is at sea and until it gets successfully delivered.

We pride ourselves on the great communication we keep with our customers while their shipment is at sea.

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