Reverse Logistics: The Top After-market Supply Chain Service Provider in the Nation

Are you losing a lot of money on returns or on customers who are refusing to take your product once it gets to them? Well if you are in need of any reverse logistics solutions then is your source for top notch reverse logistics service at the best rates.

Since we at Freightship are a third party logistics company , we make sure to have all the pieces in place to make sure your reverse supply chain goes a smoothly as possible. We specialize in (RTO) or “Return to Origin” services. Making sure that your product is returned back to you in the best condition and in the least amount of time.

Many times customers return defective products or maybe they just refuse to take the product at all. Studies have shown that an average of 4%-6% of all retail purchases that are made in the United States are returned (for various reasons) , this costs the industry an approximate $40 billion per year.

If you have any experience in the retail industry you might understand how strong a connection there really is between reverse logistics and the successful retention of customers. This can make a huge difference to not just your costs but your overall company reputation.

If your company is suffering from reverse logistics or after market supply chain problems then you can contact Freightship so we can help you take complete care of these problems so that you can focus on making and selling a successful product.

We make sure that your customers have a much better experience when, (for any reason) it is time to return a product. And we help you optimize your recovery of these products while making more space for inventory.

Whether you call it reverse logistics, retro logistics, or after market logistics it doesn’t matter. The point is our third party services can help you get you product back to you if it needs to. And we make sure to do this with the highest quality of service while working with only the best transporters and carriers in the industry.

We make your job as simple as possible. All you have to do is contact us and let us know what your problem is. We have teams within our company that specialize solely on reverse logistics and after market supply chain services. We make sure to put together the right combination of logistics services for your company to ensure the successful return of your products to you or to any other place that you might need it.

If you are interested in reverse logistics services than just go to our “Freightship Now Form” and put your contact info at the top, and at the bottom of the page write a brief description of the problems you are having and the type of service you would like.

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