Shipping Cars: Nationwide and International Transport and Shipping of Automobiles and Vehicles

Are you in need of shipping a car? Did you just buy that beautiful car you have been wanting for years but you bought it in Ohio and you live in Florida? Don’t worry, is your site for the shipping of any type of car or motor vehicle to any destination in the United States or around the World.

Shipping Cars: Nationwide and International Transport and Shipping of Automobiles and Vehicles

We at Freightship specialize in the shipping of cars and all kinds of automobiles. We do motorcycle shipping, heavy haul , such as pickup trucks, dually’s etc, we also do regular cars such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Subaru, Volkswagen,etc, as well as luxury cars like Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati, etc.

We also tend to other vehicles such as ATV’s, RV’s,etc.

Whatever the car and wherever the destination, Freightship is your online source for the cheapest shipping price possible while guaranteeing the safety of your car as well as the efficiency of the delivery time when transporting your car.

We are headquartered in Miami,FL which is the nations capital as far as luxury automobiles go. This has allowed us to gain years and years of very valuable experience as far as making sure that cars get to their destination without a single scratch and in the same exact condition as it was shipped.

We guarantee our service and we make sure the customer is updated regularly as to where his car is and when it will be getting to its destination.

The most important thing here is that we ensure our safe delivery of your vehicle. We pride ourselves on customer service and we love to know that you are completely at ease throughout the whole time your car is being transported.

We have all heard the stories of what can happen to your car or your wallet when you go with a mediocre car carrier/automobile transport company.

Because of this we have separated ourselves from the pack and have taken car shipping and automobile transport to a whole different level. Our customer service and peace of mind that we provide our clients is unmatched in the entire industry. You cars will be safe with us. Happy Shipping!!

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