Temperature Controlled Freight Shipping and Logistics

If you are in need of shipping some temperature controlled freight then freightshipit.com is your source for the best shipping solutions at the best rates. We all know how sensitive the shipping of temperature controlled freight can be. Freightship offers multimodal transportation for perishable and sensitive commodities so you can rest assured your goods will get to destination efficiently and safely.

Whether you are shipping food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, life science products, milk, fresh raspberries, flowers, fish, etc, etc. Freightship is your source for making sure you product is transported with the utmost care without doing damage to your bank account.

Temperature Controlled Freight Shipping and Logistics

Freightship as the world’s largest web based logistics provider has perfected the art of moving temperature controlled freight. We have years of experience and work with a strict network of highly qualified carriers who specialize in moving nothing but refrigerated and temperature controlled freight.

 A single point of contact for all your Temperature Controlled Freight Shipping Solutions.

As a logistics provider Freightship’s focus is on serving the needs of the shipper. We work to protect the shippers interest at all times. There is no need for you to go through a whole list of carriers and search for their credentials and to make sure they have their permits/licenses etc.

All you as the shipper have to do is contact Freightship and let us know the details of your freight. And we make sure to take care of the rest. Because when your product needs to be shipped at a special temperature and needs to get to destination in a hurry you can’t afford limited options with regards to Carriers.

 Multimodal Transportation for Temperature Controlled Freight.

Freightship makes sure your product gets to destination safely and arranges all modes of transportation you might need from temperature controlled LTL to full truckload refrigerated, etc. ! !

Freightship is your source for all climate controlled freight, no matter what your volume or where you are shipping we work as your agent to get you the best prices in the market and make sure your delicate commodities get to destination smoothly.

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