The Highest Quality Carriers in the Nation for all Your Shipping Needs

Are you in need of trucks to help you move your freight? If you contact a mediocre motor carrier then you are going to provide your clients with mediocre results. As an operations manager or logistics coordinator you have to make sure you are picking quality carriers to help move your freight. The motor carrier you choose is an extension of your company and is ultimately representing your brand.

This article explains how our website can help every shipper, regardless of the sector you might work in , have access to the highest quality motor carriers in the nation. Just using our website one time can have some very long term positive effects on both your relationship with your clients and your bottom line.

The Highest Quality Carriers in the Nation for all Your Shipping Needs

“We Only Work With Quality Carriers”

As the worlds largest shipping website and the United States’ largest truck broker we make sure that we work with motor carriers of only the highest caliber. When we have clients coming up to us saying they need 50 or 100 trucks to meet demands make sure all of his or her needs are met.

But we don’t just provide them with any trucks, we provide them with the best trucks and the best drivers. That is where a huge difference comes in. Being able to scrap a couple of trucks from here and there to meet your needs is not the same thing as knowing that you are getting the cream of the crop as far as quality carriers go.

“All our Carriers Are Thoroughly Screened”

We keep a very tight and strict network of carriers. It’s not like the other websites (uShip for example) where just anybody with a truck and a need for speed can sign up to move freight.

It is an extensive process to sign up as a carrier with us, and we like it that way. This extensive process allows us to sort out the mediocre carriers from the high quality carriers. We do every type of check imaginable including , licenses, permits, insurance, driving records, safety scores, etc, etc.

At the end of the day this benefits us because when a shipper comes to us saying he needs 100 trucks , he knows each and very one of those 100 trucks are going to be quality.

The Motor Carrier You Choose to Move Your Freight is an Extension of Your Brand.

The motor carrier is the one who will be delivering directly to your client. The client knows (or at least thinks) that he was hired and sent by you. You don’t want just any old carrier showing up with maybe a little alcohol on his breath. This is the last thing you need.

As an extension of your brand you have to make sure each and every carrier that you send to your client is presentable and professional. On the flip side, if your client sees that to top off your customer service, you make fast deliveries and work with dependable and high quality motor carriers it is a huge bonus to your company and your brand.

“Just Go on Our Site and Receive the Best Motor Carrier Service in the World”

Long gone are the days where you had to get on the phone and take days and days of making calls to find a couple of decent motor carriers or transportation providers to help you meet your shipping demands.

Our website has simplified the process to the maximum. All you have to do is go on our home page and type in the basic info for your shipment. We provide you with an official quote immediately (the whole process takes a couple of seconds). If you decide to confirm the shipment through our site you know that you will be receiving quality carriers each and every time you ship a load.

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