The Importance of Having Good Truck Drivers

If you are an owner operator, fleet owner or just someone interested in starting your own trucking business you must take into consideration the fact that having good truck drivers is one of the single most important factors when determining your success in this industry.

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Having good truck drivers will allow you to produce more efficiently, deal with less headaches and grow at a very rapid pace.

Here are our reasons why having professional and consistent truck drivers is vital to your success in this industry :

1) Production and Efficiency :

Make no mistake about it if you are an owner of one or more trucks the idea is obviously for those trucks to produce as much money as possible for you. A great driver will make this possible, an unprofessional and unreliable driver will make this impossible.

A “good driver” comes with a certain set of characteristics, among them are getting to appointments on time, reducing fuel consumption for the unit that he or her is driving , taking care of the unit as far as maintenance, inspections , etc..

In other words a truly “good driver” will take care of your truck like if it was his, not only that but he will drive your truck as if he is driving for his own company.

When you have a driver like this you can rest assured that productivity levels for that specific unit will go through the roof. A driver that can do the things mentioned above while at the same time staying consistent throughout the course of the year will allow your truck to see substantial gains on a day to day basis.

On the other hand, a driver that makes it a habit of getting to pickups/deliveries a couple of minutes late, asks for more fuel than what the truck is supposed to consume and doesn’t take care of the unit will absolutely ruin your production and it is the first step in running an extremely inefficient operation. And as we all know, in very few industries is efficiency as important as it is in trucking.

If you have inefficient drivers let them go as they will halt your levels of production, if you have drivers that make it their mission to be as productive as possible hold on to them tightly.

2) Headaches and Drama :

Running a small trucking company can be stressful enough. Any person out there who has one or more trucks can attest to the fact that this is a full time job requiring a lot of attention , mindfulness and patience.

One of the most important things to avoid is drivers with a negative attitude and who make it a habit of constantly complaining for every little thing. It is impossible to deal with drivers like this as you can never really win. If you give in to their demands they will just ask for more, if you don’t give in to their demands they will whine and complain without ceasing.

If you currently have a driver who is bringing you headaches on a consistent basis the best thing to do is to cut him or her immediately. A person like this is a cancer to your organization and no matter how many miles they can run in one week it is just not worth the drama that comes along with it.

A good driver on the other hand will make your job easier by taking care of every aspect of his job. This way you can dedicate time to other aspects of your own job as opposed to having one or two bad drivers consume much of your time and energy through their complaining and need for attention.

3) Grow at a Rapid Pace :

A trucking operation that makes it a habit to employ good truck drivers will be an establishment that grows very rapidly. Reliable drivers make it easy for you to take on new jobs and opportunities without having to worry about the reliability of your operation.

A trucking company with good drivers can truly offer clients an exceptional service. The company that can manage to employ good drivers has a tremendous advantage over the majority of the trucking companies in the United States.

The growth of a trucking company starts with the drivers that is why it is important if your vision is to grow your company to start at the root level and make sure that you are employing drivers of the highest caliber.

Focus your Efforts on Recruiting Good Drivers

A company can have a fleet of brand new trucks and trailers, access to the best loads in the country and the best trucking software in the industry but if the quality of the drivers that you employ is mediocre then your operation will also be mediocre.

On the other hand, a company can start a small operation with just one or two trucks but if they make it their focus to employ solid drivers for each one of their trucks they will grow at a very fast pace and will be providing a superior service to their clients.

Good truck drivers allow you to produce with more efficiency as a company, to grow rapidly as an organization and most importantly they will make your job and your life easier through their professionalism and seriousness with which they undertake their work.

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