Truck Dispatcher Services Miami

Are you looking for truck dispatcher services Miami? You have found your company !

Freightship offers the highest quality truck dispatcher services in Miami. Put your truck (or trucks) on with us and guarantee that your trucks are receiving the best attention , and more importantly the highest quality loads in the United States.

In the city of Miami there is various companies that offer truck dispatcher services. Miami is an international city with a lot of movement of cargo and for that reason there is a lot of logistics and trucking companies. The truck dispatchers are positioned in the market for the ultimate purpose of helping trucking companies manage their fleets.

Truck Dispatcher Services Miami

The “help” that a good truck dispatcher offers to a trucking company is the guarantee of great paying loads, day after day.

For the owner of a trucking company it is very difficult to be involved with all of the daily operations of managing their business. Things like, making sure the paperwork is in order, taking care of the maintenance for the trucks, invoicing clients and paying drivers. It has been proven that managing a trucking company can be one of the most stressful and complicated jobs in the country for those companies or owners that are not well organized.

If on top of all the responsibilities the truck owner also needs to be finding loads and coordinating the logistical  movement of their trucks then there simply will not be enough time to manage the company in an efficient and organized manner.

The truck dispatcher is indispensable , we repeat, the truck dispatcher is indispensable for a trucking company in Miami or in any other part of the United States.

There is lots of small trucking companies that start off with the owner (because they don’t want to pay a small dispatcher commission ) taking care of booking the loads himself.

In 99% of the cases this type of system simply does not work, not because of a lack of intelligence from the owner but simply because of a lack of time.

On the contrary, if a trucking organization can contract a good truck dispatcher company they will have a lot more time on their hands to organize their business and prepare it for organic growth.

What does Freightship offer me as a Truck Dispatcher in Miami?

  • The first thing that we offer is the best quality loads in the United States. Our team of brokers and clients have formed relationships and contacts in the industry over the years and have extensive experience dealing with clients and brokers. This allows us to always look for the best load possible depending on what zone/region your truck is in.
  • The second thing we offer ( and for many clients this is the most important part) is organization. Freightship has taken the time to organize their business processes in the most efficient manner so that you can always be aware as to what is going on with your trucks.

You, as truck owner will always receive the rate confirmations of each and every load directly to your email and also every Friday you will receive a weekly report of the movement and progress of each and every one of your trucks (included with our 10% commission )

These small details help you to organize your business in a much easier and simpler way.

Another reason why Freightship is considered by many to be the best truck dispatcher in Miami is because we offer load planning and logistical coordination at the highest level.

In other words, it is very rare for any of your trucks (if they are running with us) to suffer a “layover”. Thank to the softwares and statistics that we manage we know exactly what zones or regions we can send you truck to, what day and hour is best to get a load for your equipment, etc. etc.

Contract us as your Truck Dispatcher in Miami right now !

If you want your trucks to make everything they can possibly make its time you work with the best truck dispatcher in Miami. Leave us a comment below or send us an email saying that you are interested in contracting Freightship as your truck dispatcher in Miami. We will respond quickly with all of the necessary information that we would need to get started.

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