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If you are looking for truckload brokers then we are your best option. Freightship offers truck broker services to a huge range of customers from companies with small operations who only make a couple of shipments a year to Fortune 100 companies that ship a very high volume of freight on a regular basis. Our technologies and new ways of doing business allows us to provide you (the shipper) with a very high volume of trucks in a short period of time.
Freightship Truck with Shipping Boxes
“We Offer Truck Broker Services for All Kinds of Freight”

No matter what it is you are shipping , we can get you the trucks for it. We have a vast network of carriers which we can call upon at any given time to help and move your freight.

We offer trucking solutions for, dry van loads, reefers, flatbeds, hazmat, ltl, intermodal, etc.. We have experience with all kinds of freight. No matter what season it is or what region of the country you are located we can get trucks to you.

“Reliable , Qualified and Professional Carriers Only”

But its not only about the trucks but also about the service. When you book a run with us you can be sure that the carrier who is going to go make the run is completely legitimate and has been thoroughly screened before being allowed to complete a load.

As the largest online truck brokers in the world we have to keep a very strict network of carriers. That is why we are constantly updating Carrier profiles and checking their Safety Scores, Insurance etc, etc.

To become a Carrier for Freightship is a pretty extensive process, we do this to make sure that any mediocre carriers are sorted out from the bunch and we keep only the best Carriers with the best records and the most professional service.

“Need Trucks? Contact us Today”

If your peak season is coming up and you are short on trucks or you just want to be sure that your going to be able to meet demands then contact us today. As the largest online truckload brokers we can provide you with as much capacity as you need to meet your needs.

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