Who is the Best Freight Broker in America?

Freight brokering in America is a very large industry with a lot of different players who all put in their share to make this industry better and better each and every day. After all, no matter how much competition might go on in between freight brokers our ultimate goal is to serve shippers and carriers all across America.

With all due respect to our main competitors, (CH Robinson, Total Quality Logistics, JB Hunt and Coyote Logistics) here are our reasons why Freightship can currently lay claim to the title of “Best Freight Broker in America”

1) Freightship is a Technology Based Broker of Freight :

Out of all the freight brokers in America only Freightship can truly claim to be “technology based”. We began as a tech startup and we still remain that until today. Our entire culture and company philosophy seems very different to those of our other competitors who have more time in the industry.

2) Smaller Profit Margins :

Our “tech mentality” has allowed us to revolutionize the trucking industry and look at it from an entirely different perspective.

As is typical with most technology startups , huge profit margins are not of huge importance to us. We still want to make money as does any other company out there but our fashion of doing so is much different from that of the traditional freight broker.

Our goal is volume. For our clients this is great news. This strategy allows us, in basic terms to charge shippers less and pay carriers more. We still play our rightful duty as intermediaries in the transportation of freight , the only difference is that we take a much smaller piece of the pie.

3) Simplicity and Ease of Use :

If you are a small to medium sized company and have ever tried to quote a truck shipment with a traditional freight broker then you know how long ,complicated and tedious the process can be.

Freightship declutters and simplifies this process to a maximum. Through our simple and easy to use website a prospective client can simply input the basic data of his shipment onto our home page and we will get back to him within minutes (via email) with his or her official quotation. At that point the client can choose to either book the shipment right then and there or they can also feel free to clear up any doubts they might have.

4) We are Cooler :

Have these traditional freight brokers ever heard of branding? When was the last time your grandma knew who CH Robinson was?

5) Geographical Reach :

As a proudly American company based in Miami,FL our freight broker operations span the entire continent. Our team is moving a flatbed shipment in Alaska while at the same time our Latin America department is moving truckloads of refrigerated meat throughout Argentina.

Our geographical reach has allowed us to improve operations here at home each and every day. Our international truck brokerage experience makes us that much better when it comes to our core business which is moving truckload freight within the continental United States.

So there you have our own (slightly biased) reasons why Freightship can currently lay claim to the title of Best Freight Broker in America for the year of 2015 and beyond. If any other freight broker out there thinks differently let them speak now or forever remain second best.

Happy Trucking !

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